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 “Break Down Barriers To Economic Opportunity”

- A Black Owned Supplier -

Davis 5 Star Global Innovation Holdings, Inc. Davis 5 Star Innovation Companies, Inc. & Davis 5 Star Innovation Holdings, Inc. The Londale Brand, Inc. and our in-house divisions has created an avant-garde model of serving the needs of american corporations who recognize the urgency of implementing and/or enhancing authentic partnerships with black suppliers. Our ecosystem innovative business model is built on a proprietary ecosystem utilizing dynamic market research and analytics. We use this data to ingeniously select and distribute high quality products and services that we know will be enthusiastically purchased by both loyal and first-time shoppers, consumers and community who want superior value for their spending power.

As a leading black supplier who is driven to serve the vast expanse of black & ethnicity found in the vast retail, healthcare systems, hospitality, technology matrix, we are initially committed to serving the $1.7 trillion-dollar black culture market.  We believe now is the time for black supplier procurement solutions that value the economic equality and opportunity that is expected and appreciated by the consumer and integral for the corporations who are leading the way to give opportunities to black suppliers.

Ecosystem of Products & Services

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